Mayten is a Latvian artist, producer and DJ based in Seattle, making unique listenable electronic music. His music is inspired by both downtempo and dance music, trying to find the balance between experimental and driving, emotional yet breezy.

Mayten self released an album in 2016, and two singles in early 2017, and a third single in late 2017 via Dance and Rave Records. Mayten's music has been reviewed on Hype Machine blogs such as Stereofox, The Walk to Work, and Music Ninja. Mayten's music was also reviewed very well in the November 2017 issue of Music Connection Magazine, and they later named Mayten in their Top 25 Prospects of 2017. 

Mayten released the Somebody Walked This Path Before EP on Straight Up! records in 2018, a deep house remix of jazz group's The Rainbow Ends track Monsoon, then the Movements feat. Ella Joy single on Big Slide Records in 2019, and the Martingale album on We Grow Wax records in 2020. Martingale featured Ella Joy, and The Rainbow Ends guitarist Joshua Carns, as well as Miteh and Stacey Yi.